Hopewell Independent Baptist Church      




Hopewell Missionaries

Victory Baptist Missions Int'l - Alabama

Victory Press - Florida

Richard Aninipot - Philippines

Chad Wells - Papua New Guinea

Baptist History Society - Kannapolis

Jeff Gross - Thailand

Armando Sebial - Philippines

Missionaries - Isreal 

Mark Gerosin - Colombia

Ronnie Doss - Honduras

Mitch Canupp - KJ Bible - USA

Danny Kessler - Bulgaria

Jimmy Chang - China

Wilson Calvin Indian Reservation Arizona

Arnold Tangub - Philippines

Scott Justice - American Youth - Alabama

Fellowship Tract League

Steve Schlechty - Magnetic Signs

Robert Trump - Germany

Manuel Gomez- Mexico

B.J. Stagner- United Kingdom

Jeremy Stewart- Norway

Eric Fair- Papua New Guinea

Jason Moore- Fiji

Spencer Baker- Hawaii

Dan Tribuzio-Australia

Silverio- Bulgaria

Bernard Roblico - Phippines

Missionary Questions

1. When did the church begin?

2. Is John the Baptist part of the church today? explain

3. What do you believe concerning the bible?

4. Which translation do you use and why?

5. Do you believe in dispensations? If so explain a couple of them.

6. Do you understand Hyper-dispensationalism? explain

7. Is there a difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God? explain

8. Which best describes the complete body of Christ?

(a) The local church

(b) The universal/invisible church

(c) Explain your answer

9. In Ephesians 4:5 what is meant by one baptism?

10. Does baptism make you apart of the church today? explain

11. Do you believe that every promise in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is for you? If not, then who are they for?

12. Would you support a missionary that comes by your church to present his work if he preached a doctrine that was contrary to that which you believe?

13. What is the most important thing in your ministry?

14. If a preacher is divorced, does he lose his call to preach? explain- give scripture references

15. Give reasons why you want to receive help from our church?

16. List three personal references.

* Send answer to questions 1-16 to my Email at hopewellpastor@yahoo.com for review.